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Advanced Open Water

Become an Advanced Open Water Diver!

Once you become certified as an Open Water Diver, it does not mean that your training is complete. An Advanced Open Water Diver certification allows you to dive to deeper depths than a basic Open Water Diver certification, which means you will be able to experience more amazing wreck sites and explore deeper dive sites.

During the course you will be taught more skills that will make you even more comfortable with diving in a variety of environments. Your training will go beyond what you have already learned in the basic Open Water Diver course, and you will be exposed to new types of dive sites during your training as well.

The PADI advanced course is conducted over 2 days giving you approximately 15 hours of supervision and 5 dives in total. You’ll be exposed to 2 “core” dives being:

An Underwater Navigation dive and a Deep dive (to approximately 100 feet)

you get to choose 3 “elective” dives from a list to wet your appetite for that area of diving. The most popular are wreck dive, night dive, drift and photography but all are open to be explored and all are enough to allow you the opportunity to see if you would like to pursue this specific diving activity.


Boat Dive

Drift Dive

Ship Wreck

Night Dive

Search & Recovery Dive

Nitrox Dive (Enriched Air)

Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive

Underwater Navigation Dive

Multilevel Dive

Dry Suit Dive

Underwater Naturalist Dive

Underwater Photography Dive

AWARE Fish Identification Dive


There are 5 Open Water Dives required for certification. The Deep and Navigation dives are mandatory then you get to choose from the exciting list of Adventure Dives above.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 30m (100 feet).

Duration:   2 Days, 5 Dives.

Training: -Classroom study

                  - Scuba Experiance dives

                       to maxumum of 100 feet

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

                             Minimum age 12

Course Fee:  $600.00  +Tax

     Students completing the course

     will receive a Centeen Park Token!

Certification:  Advanced Open Water


Students should have their own equipment or you may rent the required gear from the shop. Some dives may require additional equipment such as Dive Lights, Compass, Cameras, etc. Your instructor will let you know what you need to bring.

Students taking this course can click here

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