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Dive Brockville Adventure Centre

Welcome to Dive Brockville Adventure Centre,

Brockville's only Full Service Dive Shop!


Our experienced staff specializes in planning dives and adventures for groups of all shapes and sizes.  


The Adventure Centre offers Bicycle, Canoe and Kayak rentals, snorkeling expeditions, and for those who want to take the plunge, scuba diving training! We can also provide Water Taxi Service to the many Island Parks here around Brockille!


We offer a full range of support for divers from beginner to technical, including Air, Nitrox and Oxygen fills, a full gear rental department, gear service, as well as dive equipment and accessories for sale. We are rebreather friendly and have some staff members who may know a thing or two...









The Shop, and The Helen C, are wheelchair accessible. Our core staff members are experienced Handicapped Scuba Association buddies and divemasters, so we can accommodate and support everyones' diving needs during your adventure in the 1000 Islands.


All inclusive diving packages, with on-site charter-pick ups are available. If you are not booking an all inclusive package with us, check out our accommodation page  for information on staying locally from Camping to Hotels. 



For ALL Divers Booking USA Charters to the America, Keystorm, Jodery, Oconto or Vickory

Please Note:

U.S. Customs requires dive centres to submit passport information for all divers and passengers going to dive sites in US waters.

If passengers have a criminal record of any kind, it could hamper their entry into Canada. Referral to Border Services is available for those with past convictions.


To make your trip to "American Wrecks" go smoothly, group leaders can  fill in the downloadable Customs Form, please submit this to the shop 1 week prior to each dive trip to U.S. waters. You will need a form for each trip.

Hire PADI Pro as a dive guide!


Has it been a while since you got your fins wet?

If you feel a bit unsure about the local environment, or want to freshen up before your trip down south, hire a private instructor or divemaster!


Options include a refresher course, fun dives, guided shore or boat dives or furthering your training!


Call the store for more!

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