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Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is a crucial step in your diving education and is highly recommended to all divers. It's a transitional stage in your diving education where you move beyond just diving for fun by expanding your knowledge of some of the more technical aspects of diving as well as learning rescue and emergency skills. Throughout this course you will come to appreciate and understand the importance of this training relevant to diver safety and incident minimization and management.

During this course you will encounter realistic rescue scenarios, and you will learn how to effectively manage these situations. You will become competent in the most important rescue skill of all: anticipation and prevention of problems.

It can be completed in as little as two days, but if you have the time, we prefer to make it longer, so you can repeat exercises until you feel comfortable.

The Rescue Diver course has several components:
    Self Rescue Skills: You will review the self rescue skills learned in your Open Water Diver course.
    Knowledge Development: The course includes the PADI Rescue Diver Manual which contains

    knowledge reviews for you to complete as well as your own Diving Accident Management

    Workslate to keep. You will also watch the Rescue Diver DVD and take a final exam. If you prefer

    you can do the academics online in advance with PADI's Rescue Diver e-learning program.
    Inwater Water Dives: You'll start in confined water area to learn and practice the new rescue

    skills. You will also have the oppertunity to put your skills into practice in realistic scenarios.

​You will need your personal scuba equipment, waterproof notebook or dive slate, cutting tool,
CPR/O2 pocket mask, audible surface signalling device.

Duration:   3-4 days.

Training:  - PADI eLearning

                    - Classroom study

                     - In water training

                     - realistic scenarios.

Prerequisites:  Be 15 years or older
                            Advanced Open Water
                            Current EFR, CPR and

                            Oxygen Provider within

                            the previous two years

Course Fee:  $450  +Tax

     Students completing the course

     will receive a Centeen Park Token!

Certification:  Rescue Diver

Course Includes: Rescue Diver Manual, Diving Accident Management Workslate

Students taking this course can click here

*All Divers MUST fill out a Medical Form, and may require physicians approval prior to any inwater activities.

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