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The way the World Learns to Dive!

learning to dive with padi will qualify you to dive anywhere in the world and share experiences with other divers

Never been diving before? Have you Always wanted to try but didn't know where?

We can show you what it would be like to go Scuba Diving! Discover Scuba is designed for those who want to try it out! Come and see what all the excitement is all about!

Learn the skills to become a scuba diver!

Take the first step in exploring the underwater world! As an Open Water Diver you'll learn about the equipment for diving and how to use it safely. You will be able to share the experiences you gain with other divers who enjoy the mysteries of the deep!

Move up to the next level and learn how you can expand your diving interests!

As an Advanced Diver you will learn how to better your diving skills. You will learn to navigate underwater, study the marine world or ancient shipwrecks. Find what other adventures awaits you below the surface.

Do you want to be able to help others?

The Rescue Diver course not only develops the skills to assist and help other divers, it helps you to build more confidence while diving, by knowing how to safely deal with situations that may arise.

With these new experiences you can begin to focus on the type and style of diving you want to do.

Develop skills in underwater photography, Marine Archaeology, studying fish habitat or seeing the underwater world at night! There is a wide variety of specialties to choose from!

Students taking these courses can enter here

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