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Our Kudo's Page!

Some of the many comments we receive from our guests!

Hi Helen,
Thank you very much for the great treatment that Darryl and
I were given by your dive operation this weekend. We are both
appreciative of Addie, for helping with the paperwork and logistics of switching our Sunday dives to a Saturday trip to the Keystorm, (and setting up a credit for me to use in the near, I hope, future. She was very helpful, and even pointed us in the right direction for a quick lunch on Friday.
I can't say enough about Vincent (Dokis), our captain both on the Helen C on Friday, and on Silent Diver on Saturday. His thoroughness in dive briefings is greatly appreciated, but also his entire demeanor, from explanation of the vessels to how customs would work, to how he related toward all of the divers on board, was fantastic. His love of
everything about diving and the river is contagious. He is an incredible asset to your dive operation.
Thanks again,


Subject: Thank you for this weekend’s diving
Date: 2018-07-23 21:47

Hi Helen,
Ian Jones forwarded your contact information. We dove with your company this weekend.
Our captain Vincent Dokis was fabulous - a wonderful person, dive master and captain.
Have a great day!

Subject: Diving Daryaw and Lillie - pictures
Date: 2018-10-16 00:13
From: Max Rieger

Hi you two,

here are the pics from the two dives to the "Daryaw" and the "Lillie
Parsons". The image capture of the little Camera wasn't that good, sorry for the low quality.
The big fish at the Lillie wasn't a sturgeon, I've got the wrong name.
It was a very big northern pike (round about 1,5 m). The picture is
sadly very blurred, but you can recognize the bigger fins at the rear of
the fish (lefthand).
Thanks for the dives and have a nice time and, of course, good and safe


Thank you to all our guests who took the time to write!

We enjoy sharing the wonders of the St. Lawrence River!

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